I can't access and it generates a loop

Hi, I did what was required to access as a student with Sketch Up. I am an illustrator and would like to use for educational purposes. I installed it in my GSuite and granted permissions.
What could I do now?
Thank you so much for your time

Hi @silviatoson1, thanks for the post! We are currently investigating a higher than typical number of reports of this issue so please bear in mind that this may take a while to get to the root cause of the issue.

In the meantime, can you confirm that all steps were followed correctly by the person who did the app deployment and that it was done via a super admin account? Once you are able to verify all of that, I can look further into the issue and get your domain added to our database if you are a k-12 school or equivalent just to rule that out too.

Hi @CaseyG, did you find the solution? I have the same problem. One of my students is trying to login with this domain: @ucm.edu.co, could you please validate. Thanks in advance.

Hi again @Alejandro21. If you are using Studio as your profile indicates, you don’t need to have anything added to our database for SketchUp for Schools. If you are not using Studio as your profile suggests then you should update it to reflect that.

If you are using SketchUp for Schools and only one student is affected by the error you are describing then you don’t need to have anything added to our database and it is highly likely that it is just a bad cookie or cached file. Try clearing them out and let me know what happens.

Hi @CaseyG , I’m using SketchUp for Schools for the first time, so, that is the firs account to try. We included the SketchUp domain to let popups and also on the cookies section but the issue persists. Do you have any idea? tks

Then you aren’t using SketchUp Studio. Please correct your forum profile. As it is now it is causing confusion.

Hi @DaveR if I’m not wrong, this is the space for SketchUp Schools, at least that is what I see on the title of this post:

I can’t access and it generates a loop
SketchUp for Schools

No, you’re not wrong about where to post if you are actually using SketchUp for Schools but your profile is wrong. It says you are using SketchUp Studio. That is not the same as SketchUp for Schools. SketchUp for Schools is for school children and is web based. The fact that you put the wrong SketchUp version in your profile has caused confusion for people trying to help you.

Hi again @Alejandro21, I just wanted to follow up with you and see if you are still running into issues with SketchUp.

I am happy to look into getting you added to our school database if you are using SketchUp for Schools, although if only a single user is experiencing an error it is likely being caused by something other than our firewall. Can you confirm if it is just a single user or if it affecting multiple users?

Hi again @Alejandro21, just checking in to see if you are still experiencing any issues. I am eager to get to the bottom of this particular issue as it has been showing up a lot recently and more data on the issue is helpful for us to find a common issue. Can you let me know if you are still seeing any issues?