I cannot transfer my SketchUpPro2018 license to my new desktop computer.It is used in many computers

Hi, I’m Japanese and I’m not good at English, so I’m using translation software to type this.
I’m sorry if there are any strange phrases.

I used to use SketchUpPro 2018 for work a lot, but now I have a new computer and I tried to transfer the license.

I deleted the license on the old computer and entered the license on the new computer.
Then I got a message "Warning…This SketchUpPro license is being used on more than the specified number of computers. " The following message appeared. (This may be different for non-Japanese versions.)

I don’t know what to do because this warning appears even though the number of licensed computers remains the same.

Of course, since I bought the software from a Japanese dealer, I contacted them, but they said they could not do anything about it.

There is no other solution, so I asked a question in the community.

Did you just deleted the software? That doesn’t clear up the number of activations.
You need to ‘remove license’ in the Welcome acreen .
If you install SketchUp 2018 again, have an active internetconnection you can remove the activation.

It might also be that you have a 2019 license. If that was activated, you’ll no longer can transfer older licenses and need ro use 2019.

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Thanks for the reply.

I deleted the software after the license was removed from the welcome screen.

I do not have a license for 2019.

By the way, when I put the license in again on my old computer that I originally used, I get a warning. :thinking:
The license is also on my laptop, so what was originally usable on two computers, one desktop and one laptop, is now only usable on one laptop.

Under your current email I couldn’t find any license. Was the email for the license different back then?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m very sorry, but since I bought it from a Japanese distributor. The email address is the same, but it may not be found. :pensive:

I can find anything!

Do you have a serial number? You can tell me part of the number, and that should be enough. Like, after the first ‘-’.

Or you can send a message directly to me, with the full serial number.

It’s after midnight for me. I will check to see if you answered when I wake up.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

I will now send a message to Mr. Colin with the serial number.

I’m sorry it’s so late at night.
It’s 3pm here. :grin:
I can use the evaluation version for another 15 days, so I’m not in a great hurry.
Please check when you have time.

Thanks to Mr. Colin, we were able to solve this problem.
Thanks to everyone who took a look.