I cannot open my Sketchup File, it shows "This is Not a Sketchup Model"

I have a file that shows “This doesn’t appear to be a Sketchup model”. Can anyone help recover the file or at least part of it? Thanks if you can help. The model is in the link:Dropbox - courtyards.skp - Simplify your life

Quit spamming the forum. Colin will see your first post when he gets in to work.

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I’m sorry about it. This is my first day at this fourm and I do not know how to post so I make a lot of mistakes and constaintly corrected them. Sorry if I caused inconvenience.

Please take time to go through the FAQ which has guidelines for forum use.


Thank you. I will read carefully.

I just checked the file with a Notepad (as shown below)

and saw that the file is not shown as a regular Sketchup model. However there are lots of data below and the file is the same size when zippped. Is it still possible to get part of the data out from this document?

Probably not. Did you look at the .skb version of the file?

I do not even have a skb. The computer suddenly shut down and Sketchup didin’t create an Autosave file as well. When I turn on the computer this morning, I see nothing. This file is also a recovered file.

It really is pointless trying to help someone when they don’t start with the correct information.

Look in User/AppData/Local/SketchUp/SketchUp 2020/SketchUp/Working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles and see if there’s a copy there.

I checked that, too. There is nothing in there. But this file was originally in that folder and somehow got automatically deleted. Someone helped me recover the file from there.

Evidently they didn’t help you recover it correctly. If I were in your shoes I’d probably cut my losses and start creating the model again. If Colin looks at your model and has any success at all, it’s likely he’ll only recover components and materials and you’ll still need to rebuild the model.

I have the whole model in several big components and if it is possible to recover components, it will help a lot.

Keep your fingers crossed that Colin is successful but don’t burn daylight waiting around.

Thank you, I’ll continue with other work and wait.

Not much daylight later…

The file looks like a random grab of data from your hard drive. There isn’t anything in the file that suggests that it’s a SketchUp file.

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