I cannot get a response from anyone - I have been locked out of Sketchup since this afternoon

How the heck do I send an attachment here?

I login through a Chrome browser, then when I click a file or click on the Sketchup app, the login window appears, When I click Login, it greys out and does nothing.

I have been working all week and all day, as usual, but all of a sudden, at 2:21 this afternoon, I just cannot login.

I see a notice that this issue has been resolved - WHY??? IT HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED.

I REALLY NEED HELP. I need to work!

Drag and drop
or 7th icon

okay it appears that the actual sign in with your other sign in ways is off screen, can you check where abouts of any other browser, although I am on windows so will try and get an apple expert
@colin maybe?

I really don’t understand what you are saying. I am sorry, but I don’t know what to do here. If there is anyone who can help, you can have my first born.
Thank you.

The drag and drop is in reference to uploading a screen shot

With windows the second sign in can appear on the microsoft Edge, so dont know if the default safari is holding the data
have pinged Colin

Okay, I tried to drag and drop…I’ll try again

I’m logged in through my browser but when I click Launch Browser Again, it just does nothing.

Something is not connecting - my system does not recognize that I’m logged in and I can’t access files or work.

Can you display the browser, regardless? its not hidden?

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I’m sorry, display the browser? I’m in the browser, chatting here. How/where could it be hidden? I just don’t understand that question…

I can chat on chome and still use edge
anyway it seems most apple users are asleep, I suggest a new post to alert apple users to your predicament or best change this title to Apple urgently required …

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Okay, thank you very much!

Could you try the online version and try to sign in there?


guess nothing to lose while you wait

Got resolved in the other thread.

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can take solution from this post and put on the other,?


Here. for anyone wondering, today, in 6 month, the issue was resolved in a separate thread, here.

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I cannot thank the people on this forum enough. I was exhausted and feeling crazy last night. Finally slept and I am determined to make my deadlines! Thank you!