I cannot find my serial number

Please let me keep SketchUp live on my computer so I don’t have to go to the website to get started

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using SketchUp Make. If that’s actually the case, you won’t have or need a serial number.

Thanx, Dave. How do I get there and

How do you get where and what?

Sorry, Dave…how do I get to Make and secure in in my Mac desktop so I needn’t return to the website every time I’m ready to draw.

If you’ve installed SketchUp 2017 Make as your profile indicates, you shouldn’t need to go to any website when you want to model. Show a screenshot of what you are seeing.

It may be worth doing a new install of SketchUp Make 2017, so that you’re sure you’re opening the right thing. This link will directly download the Mac disk image file:

Mac SketchUp Make 2017

Make sure that SketchUp is closed, and go into Applications, and drag to Trash the SketchUp 2017 folder, if you see one there. Then, open the sketchupmake-2017-3-116-90851-en.dmg file in your Downloads folder, and in the disk image window, drag the SketchUp 2017 folder onto the Applications alias, to set it copying across.

When the folder is copied across, eject the disk image using the File menu in Finder, and then go into Applications, SketchUp 2017, and open SketchUp from inside that folder.

There is a chance that you will be given SketchUp Pro features for the first 30 days. When those end you will see a message asking if you agree to the terms and conditions. You would click on the I Agree button, and then your SketchUp Make will continue to work, even if you are offline.

Many, many thanx, dear Colin