I cannot find file created yesterday

Hello. I cannot file file which I created yesteday and spent almost whole day. How can find it? Probably I did not name it. Where can be located newly created files if I did not place exactly somewhere?

Are you still using SketchUp Free, the web version? What operating system? What graphics card? Put useful information in your forum profile.

Did you save the file? If not it may not exist.

I use free solution. windows. I several times created new files. When I had a break I suppose I saved it several times

Correct your forum profile. Also put in the graphics card model. ‘111’ is NOT an appropriate answer to any of those.

Then the file should be in your Trimble Connect storage. When you open SketchUp Free today it should show in your recent files. If you aren’t seeing it make sure you are signed in with the same email address and password you used yesterday.