I can’t see guide points. Too small

Sketchup displays guide points very small, so small that I can hardly see them. Is there a way to adjust the display size of guide points?
I am working on a Dell XPS 15 laptop with 3840x2160 pixel screen resolution. If Sketchup sizes guide points as a fixed number of pixels, then that could explain why it displays too small. Is there some way I can increase the size?

Upgrade to 2017 or 2018, they both work better with hi-res displays.

I have a 21" desktop display and I also have a hard time seeing them, I made them red, it helps.

How do you change guide points to red?

In the Styles Window, Modelling, Guides:
Guides Colour

Ok, now I am nitpicking, forgive me😂
But the OP asked for red guides, does it mean he has to draw a red ellips around the Guides tag (with green square) of the Styles pane?
You would be surprised how many people are trying to do just that, it is a drawing program after all.
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Just to clarify, I’ll have to split the instructions into two parts. The first part is for @MikeWayzovski and it will only work for his computer.

For Mike:
You must find the Styles window and draw round the Guides text and colour box with a red sharpie marker pen on your screen. It’s actually a rounded rectangle, but when you reduce the height below the radius of the corners, it’s two straight sections and two semicircles. The software will analyse the ink you used and set the guides to that colour. It must be that exact shape or the software will not recognise it. (Remember this section will ONLY work for Mike).

Everyone else:
The red outline is to highlight where you should look. Click the colour box which is green in my example and the colour picker should open where you can set the colour of your choice e.g. red for the guide lines and points.


thanks for the guidance and also the warning about the special requirements for Mike’s computer


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This could be an option as well: create a guidepoint and make it a component, then in Model info>Components tick Show component axes

or make a component of a guidepoint and add some geometry:

get you guidpoint here:


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