I am still using Sketchup Pro 2015 with SU Podium V2.5

I am stills using my Sketchup Pro 2015 with SU Podium V2.5

I understand that we can upgrade 2015 to any Current version. I like working on my 2015 as i am already used to it But my only problem is that when i am working on a new file… all the old ones appear when I open a new file. when i try to close the old files that were open the All Crashdes down to a Bug Splat. Very annoying as it makes my Mac slower while working on a new file and 5 files are opened as well.

Can abybody help me how to remove that Bugsplat and not let the old files open

Try this: hold Shift when starting SketchUp.

Thank Mike it works Opening the file itself by holding Shift but e the Bugsplat comes out theI close the file

I believe this was a known issue for mac with SU Podium. It used a global var, which isn’t allowed.
Time to update?

I do have SKetchUp 2021 and 2022 but The SU Podium browser don’t work. That is why I reverted to 2015

Is there a newer version of Podium you could try?

SU Podium V2.6 with SketchUP 2022 works now with Mac with Catalina OS and intel processors

just getting slow when model is loaded maybe its time to update graphic Card? any thoughts