I am lost in space, zoom extents doesn't work


I have nearly completed by whole living and kitchen layout and I am suddenly lost in space.
I am unable to see the axis. Invert selection and zoom extend doesnt work.
Would appreciate if someone could help me find my my model, which is created at origin.

Thanks in advanced!

ground floor living room 1.skp (13.8 MB)

Try this.
ground floor living room 1Box.skp (13.9 MB)

A couple of comments.
You should be using groups and components with your geometry rather than just a mass of sticky edges and faces.
You should be careful about what you add from the warehouse, many things are overly detailed or badly made, check them in a separate file first and see if they are suitable before adding them to your model. It may well have been something from the warehouse that sent your camera flying off to infinity. But more importantly file bloat can be a serious issue. The back and arms of the armchair on it’s own contains nearly 11000 entities, these things add up fast.

Thank you so much! May I know how did you fix this so that I can self-help in the future?