I am doing a Completly Soundproofed office in SketchUp

Ok, so i am working on my dream office which i vision as a Completely soundproofed and Insulated room, but i feel like the internet doesnt provide me with accurate enough information to be precise(i always try to go for precise when i do SketchUp stuff) My dream office is to be 5m Wide x5m Long x3m Height(and that means 5m Wide x 5m Long x 3m Height within all the soundproof foam, so by technicality the room Itself is a little bigger to address the soundproof walls and soundproof foam) The reason for me dreaming of a Completely Insulated and Soundproof Office is because i make YouTube Videos, and nothing plagues a video worse than background noise, so i dream of making an office that eliminates the background noise so that way each video i make has no BackGround noise, Also a 5m x 5m x 3m room allows me to add a Green screen(of a decent size) and appropriate lighting(that i may need to do some more research on)

So now that i have gotten the dull details off my chest, now comes the question, to accomplish the task i want to achive,
How wide/tall do my soundproof walls and floors need to be and what Insulation will yield the best possible results?

You should find some sort of recording engineer’s forum to ask that question. Clearly you need to find out how thick the insulation will be and how it is mounted. Take all that into consideration when you size the walls.

… and then, because SketchUp has an internal precision of 0.001" you’ll need to add a couple of thousandths of an inch to all dimensions, to allow for primer and paint.



You should perhaps spend some money on good advice from a competent acoustic engineer.[quote=“Doomizbae, post:1, topic:32414”]
a Completely soundproofed and Insulated room,
Basic concept:
The room is built as a room inside another, with the floor, walls and ceiling totally separate from the surrounding structure, or, if connected, built with specially designed acoustic connectors.
In a home studio, walls and ceiling would consist of several layers of gypboard with fiberglass or rock fiber insulation. Thickness and weight would depend on the required insulation. How high are the noise levels in the environment you are building this in? Do you have to prevent the noise you make yourself from escaping into the surroundings?Depending on application, you will also need an acoustic layer on the inside to absorb unwanted noise.


In terms of Insulation, i wanna make sure that during summer it doesn’t get so hot that it can cook most pc’s via the room temperature alone, but traps enough heat during winter so i don’t have to add something like an Air Conditioner or heater.

In terms of How Soundproof, i wanna make sure 0% noise can be heard from outside the office, (a good example of what i mean would be if i screamed as loudly and as high of a pitch as i can, no one could hear the noise from the outside of the office)