I added entity in existing scene but where is it?


I have a warehouse street scene. I found a lamp post in warehouse too. So I downloaded it but can’t find the lamp post in the street scene. I even looked “underneath” the street scene and can’t fine. I then closed this scene and just opened a blank scene, downloaded the post there and can easily see it. I then even tried to copy and paste the lamp post into the street scene and still don’t see it.

I looked in entity info and it actually says it’s there “victorian lamp post” but of course I don’t see it in the street scene.

any idea what i’m doing wrong?


it is probably very small compared to your street scene…
you need to ‘scale’ one or the other so they match…


ok i did the same thing only this time i made it huge and then brought it into street and you still can’t see it. i shrunk the street scene and then selected the lamp post in entity info and it’s still not there.


can you add the link to both warehouse files or your skp file…



sure i’ll be happy to do this but where do i get the link for the entities? sorry to ask you this…


the easiest is to use the upload button and browse to your skp that has the issue…

when you reply it’s the 7th button from the left…



OK great I’ve uploaded street scene Dealey Plaza. I tried to upload the lamp post too but it won’t let me because it says I’m a new user and can only upload one file. But if you want to try to add any other element to the Dealey Plaza file like I’ve been trying to that’d be great.


Dealey Plaza.skp (1.0 MB)


If you check some sizes with the tape measure on that model, you will find that it is fantastically overscaled. For example, the height of the nearest building measures 1213193’ 1 3/4"!! There is a major scaling issue with the import. Shrink it back to a sensible size by measuring something with the tape measure and then typing its real dimension. There is also some stray geometry far from the rest of the model that causes clipping issues.


i measured the car at 67.739819 mls long…

now I know you’all like big cars but…



Wow that makes perfect sense and sorry I couldn’t figure that out on my own. I’ll reduce the street scene drastically and if I have any more issues, I’ll post here.