Hybrid rendering issue


I have a hybrid rendered side elevation view that I have exported from layout as a PDF. When I print that PDF, I keep getting an error from my printer, and it then doesn’t print. FYI, I shut off OpenGL in SU to get the rendering not to show as a “wire frame” in layout. I can’t figure out why it won’t print. My printer will print other documents and other PDFs from layout in the same plan set, but not the elevation views. Note, printer firmware and drivers are up to date and I have the same issue if printed wireless and with cable. I’ve upload the elevation view PDF that keeps getting the error.

Any idea? try.pdf (69.9 KB)


Looks like a normal PDF file to me. Have you tried exporting PNG instead of PDF and printing that one? Does the printer give any error messages?


It might be that the PDF is too complex for the printer to process (it is common for PDF files that have mixed raster/vector content). If you are printing from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader you can try to make the printer driver do the vector to raster conversion in the computer by checking the “Print as Image” checkbox in the Advanced print setup options.
(screenshots from an older version of Acrobat)