How would you model this? (tricky!)

How would you model the cowl?? (the top part, not the monitor)

Do you have any other views of it? It’s doesn’t really look too tricky to me but I would want more details about the top of it as well as the dimensions.

Maybe something along these lines.

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I would model a simple extrusion of the bent profile that creates the cowl, and only then after that would I trim away from the sides to create the tapered rounded shape.

This is just a top level solution, but there are intermediary steps and even then things might be totally different if these do in fact taper up into the bends themselves.

I have no problem modeling simple curves. The cowl in the drawing has double curves. That is what I want to learn.

No, wait a minute! I just looked again. I think I am making this harder than it is!!

You didn’t specify what part you need help with. As I said, more views of it would help.