How would you model this so its realistic as possible?

is there plugins that help create streetscape models?

this is what i have rendered so far but its such a pain to try to render everything, eventually i will be using vray to model this out but i want my renders like surrounding buildings to look real without putting too much effort in drawing them

We just launched a new course on using both Match Photo and Watermarks to align your model to an existing image. Perhaps that can help you use the streetscape image as your background.

Having done many of these myself, I cannot think of an automated way to turn an image into a render-ready 3D model.

There are no shortcuts if you want to have good results, Photomatch could be an option to make it a bit easier but you need good photos, without people on it preferably , cause they will be applied like a material, and from a good angle so you can align them well on skp, usually photos from google street view arent good for that. Also the problem with photomatch if you want realistic results is that all the materials on the photo cant be configured, for example the walls, windows, metalic objects and anything else will have the same roughness.

I would try to model from the photomatch if i had a good picture and i will apply different materials to every building on the street, not using the photomatch texture.