How would I model this Throttle Grip?

I have been able to model everything except the grip groves.
Not sure how to fillet these out?
I was thinking of modelling it in sections and extrude each section out but haven’t gone that route yet.

Tohatsu 9.8hp throttle handle.skp (149.3 KB)

What version are you using, your profile is inconclusive, it says web and 2021.
If you are actually using the pro desktop version or the Shop version of web you can use solid tools.
Make a shape of the groove that you want to remove( as a solid group), align and position it, then array it around the grip. Explode all the groups and regroup and you will have one solid group. Subtract that from the Grip (once you have removed the circle to make it a solid).


Thanks Box. I didn’t think about subtracting. Thanks for going to so much effort in sending a video.

I’m using the desktop version on a trial

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