How to use the same tag structure in every new drawing?

I created a tag structure that I would like to use for every new drawing I start.
However I can’t find how to save or export my tag structure so I can use it in a new drawing.
I hope you don’t have to create the tags everytime again when you start a fresh drawing.

Set up a new ‘empty’ model containing whatever Tags [previously called Layers] you want.
You can also set other Model Info sections as you desire - e.g. Units, Text, Dimension, Scene Tabs etc as new defaults etc…
Save it as a Template from the File menu - give it a memorable name…
In Preferences [or the login dialog] set that as your default Template.
Any new model you start will now use that Template…

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Eneroth created a plugin which also MAY help. Not tried it myself and note that last update was 2019 and suggests it would not/may not deal with recently added Tag folders feature.

thanks. Saving it as template worked fine.