How to use the ruby code to render image automatically?

Hello, I tried to rendering image on the cylinder surface for my project, but I can’t success to finish this step automatically. Can this be done in Ruby code?

I’m not sure if I understand your request, but how do you render “an image on the cylinder surface”? Do you mean to position (or even project) a textured material on a curved surface?

Otherwise, if you want to render an image of the model using a render engine, you should specify which render engine you are using. It requires that the render engine exposes a Ruby method (the render engine’s “API”) that you can call in an automation script.

Alternatively you can use Ruby code to export a 2D image of the model using SketchUp’s image export (it looks exactly like SketchUp style, I wouldn’t really call this a render).

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There’s a free plugin to map an image to a cylinder … you have to use the plugin to create the cylinder as it doesn’t work with something you’ve already created. Here’s a relevant thread:

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It’s work! Thank you. lol