How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?

Installing a free plugin for the free MAKE version is really an impertinence. The program should be ashamed.

We have suggested a single-person “Craftsman” license, that would be more affordable for hobbyists.

Another option would be release of a paid Solids extension which could run under Make editions.

Of course that is not an issue. It’s just a tip for somebody (at the company) who might consider a hobbyist/maker edition. In that case, bundling a common set of add-ins/default templates would make it more appealing to new users.

SketchUp is a direct 3D polygon modeler which allows to model freely with the full perfomance of the system whereas web apps like Tinkercad or 3DTin are typically limited in putting simpel shapes together mainly for 3D printing purposes and therefore not really competing with SketchUp.


It’s best not to bother with these discussions as each side has a strong opinion while only one side is speaking from experience.


For 2016 I was able to get back to Make after the Pro trial by running RegEdit and modifying this one value
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SketchUp\SketchUp 2016\ ProductFamily = Make

no idea what the Windows registry is and how to tinker with?

in attached ZIP archive 2 registry files for SU v2016/2015 with the according keys set to “Make” and which can be imported to the registry by simply double-clicking the appropriate REG file. At least if the user rights do allow it, if not launch by right-clicking and “Run as Admin…”.

Download: SketchUp - Make Product Family (660 Bytes)

Hi, I am experiencing the same problem. I have used the Pro version for 30 days and now even after uninstalling an reinstalling the Make version it is still seted up as pro. Am I missing something?

uninstal it like here:
instal again: make version

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I just had the same problem. The trick is to ignore all the blabla about Pro and just click on the “I agree” buton that looks as if it can only be clicked if you’re buying Pro…


You can uninstall it and instal the make version of it

on later versions

Can i just get a pure Make version, no “pro trial version”. Pro is bugging out and i dont have the option to downgrade.Yes its for personal use and it was selected when downloading .

You are trying to open Layout, if your trial has expired then it won’t open and will give you that error message.

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If you have a client for this, are you or they using SU for commercial or paid-for purposes? If so, it is a breach of the licence terms to use Make. You need to purchase Pro,

Rather than tinker with the registry, for those who can’t run the latest (2017) version for hardware or other reasons, there are now links to ‘official’ downloads of older Make installers: SketchUp Make 2016 : Download Links. But note the limitation to non-commercial use.

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[details=Spankin’ Anthony (Ico)][quote=“Ico, post:139, topic:3625”]
I’ve been looking trough this issue today, for my client – to make it back to free again.

… to make WHAT back to free again ?

@Ico Anthony, This thread is about SketchUp Make 2015, which is a Trimble product, and does not use that very old registry key path (with “Google” in it.) So, your first post here in this community is off-topic and violates the guidelines.

Secondly, telling any user to manually make registry changes with such vague advice as, “a key named “revertbacktofree” or something like that”,) is poor practice.

The best thing you can do for your client (and anyone else) is to stop giving poor advice and point them towards the place to get the correct advice. (Normally the software’s customer service portal.)

If SketchUp no longer works (as a Make edition) when the trial expires, then the user has downloaded the wrong (Pro) installer (instead of the Make installer.) The correct solution is to uninstall the expired Pro edition, and download and install the Make edition.

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It is now about 6 weeks after the answer was posted. If I execute the link in the answer for “SketchUp Make 2015”, I am taken to a download page. The only version listed for 2015 is Pro, not Make. The only Make version is 2017.

So, my guess is the reply is a typo, and intended to say “SketchUp Make 2017” ? Or perhaps the options were reduced during the 6 week period.

At any rate, it seems 2015 Make is a popular request. PLEASE, o pretty-please restore it as an option.

No, it has been 2 years and a month since this was posted.
Alex, who is no longer with Trimble, actually posted the link to the ALL (Current) Downloads page (which at that time did list SketchUp Make 2015, but has dropped off that page because it is out of support. Only the current version of Make is “officially” supported.)

Since that time a new legacy download page was created with the English editions of the 2 previous (non-current) versions:

Maybe this is the wrong threat but I haven’t found another one.
I have installed Sketchup 2017 in November last year.
I have used it a couple of weeks and of course the Pro version is expired now.
My understanding was, that I can still use the Make version.
But Sketchup 2017 is not running at all. A window pop up that the system crashed and I can send a notification to Trimble.
I have uninstalled and re-installed Sketchup 2017 but no improvements.
There is the welcome window and when I click to use Sketch nothing happans also the crash notification window does not appear anymore.
What went wrong?

Crashes at the beginning like that generally point to graphics driver issues. Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. You don’t specify which card you have but make sure it supports OpenGL 3.0 or higher.

When you installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer and use Run as administrator? If not, do that, too. If you don’t uninstall first, it should give you an option to repair the installation. Use that option.

I am using the driver for Intel HD Graphics Family in the version from 04.04.2016.
There is a file called “IntelOpenCL32.dll”. So I assume it supports OpenCL3.0 too.

I was not asked to run the installer as Admin when I re-installed Sketchup Make 2017.

Eventually, I uninstalled the MS Visual C++ 2015 and re-installed Sketchup Make 2017.

Now it works.

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