How to "upgrade" extension?


I previously bought the extension “Window+” and see this morning the author has a new extension available “WinDoor+” which incorporates Window+ and adds functionality in addition to being able to do doors as well.

I contacted the author about upgrade path and he doesn’t seem to be aware of being able to do so through EW. He may/may not split the functionality in the new extension, depending on how things go.

Which brings me to my question: How is it that EW cannot offer upgrade path for an extension, which have been purchased previously, that has been incorporated into another, both of which are by the same author?


It’s up to the author of the extension. If he’s willing to allow you to upgrade to his new extension, he could send you the RBZ file so you can install it.


Extension warehouse IS capable of distributing upgrades, but, as you said, this is a new extension.

Like @DaveR Said, giving you access to a new extension based on your purchase of another extension is outside the capabilities of the EW, but something that the developer of the extension would be capable of.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

What I don’t understand is that EW is the vendor here, not the author, as
it is EW (Trimble) that handles the extension validation, hosting, payment
and delivery process. So surely EW has a role to play apart from merely
providing the platform?

Can anyone from SU / EW kindly send the author a step by step guide on how
to put the upgrade discount procedure in place, hopefully this will include
an automated message to the license holders of Window+? From his end it
doesn’t seem like he is unwilling (from what I could tell from his reply to
my message to him) the process may just seem to be a bit complicated and


Or better still, PM me the procedure and I, in turn, can forward it to the author, in case people don’t like to seem forward.


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