How to turn off the rectange atributes


Hi - I am really sick of the rectangle tool in 2018. Is there a way to revert it to the earlier version? I will try to draw a rectangle, and sometimes it draws nothing, or the rectangle is centered on the point I want to extend from.

When it gets that way, and I can’t get it to stop misbehaving, I end up drawing the rectangle with the tape measure tool, then filling it in either with the rectangle tool or the pencil. There must be a way to turn that off.



Watch the statusbar, ctrl (windows) lets you center the rectangle, it is a ‘toggle’,so pressing ctrl again will revert the tool to the oldfashioned way.
How are your settings in Window->Model Info->Units?
Do you have snap enabled? This might be set to a length that is too high and you won’t get the rectangle, because you do not drag far enough…


Not sure what you mean. Here is the rectangle tool working for me the “usual” way. Default is to start at a corner. But using the Option key changes that to working from a centrepoint. And back again.


Maybe that’s the problem - I have been using ctl key to copy 1 or 2 things - maybe it got bumped or I accidentally missed the shift key? I was trying to make a 4" sq. rectangle to pull down to be a steel post. which it did on other portions of the model

I never knew you could toggle it on and off. It would start being in the center and annoy me till some how it reverted.