How to tell SketchUp "that really is a circle"

Still a newbie. Learn all of the time. Hopefully I won’t have to “in-learn” too much !

Every once in a while I wind up with the end of a cylinder that SketchUp does not recognize as a circle. What I mean is that SketchUp see it as a collection of arcs, some how not connected. I have sometimes used the pencil to “draw” over the top pf them so that they are connected, but this is a pain. Example below shows 2 arcs

How do I tell SketchUp these 2 arc are really one circle ?

Like this?

Wow! That’s perfect!

Hate to see another plugin as the best option, though.

(My Sketchup is looking like a just container for everybody else’s plugins. Getting to where there is not too much “base-Sketchup” left.:O)

Good stuff!

I understand how you feel, but to me that is like saying “This crumby iPhone is just a container for all these amazing apps!”

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I just recently found TomTom’s Guide Tools. Now that I can easily place construction points I don’t know what I did before.

The good news on the original problem was I found out WHY the circle was 2 arcs. Simple design and easy to repair.

I kind of figured it was more of a design problem as you can simply draw circles. But being you did not post the model file to look at I simple went by what you said.

I drew two arcs and made it a circle, I think as I’m new around here too.

Little surprised no one or several people have not posted another/better way as that’s usually what happens when I think I know how to do something ha.

Maybe I got it correct this time, maybe?