How to solve the Surface Borders and Nest Instances for create Organic Shape?

OMG Thx for letting me learn a new skill!

Looks like it might be better done in Blender and exported to SketchUp. Just a thought.

I have seldom seen anyone show anything they have done themselves in Blender. @liamk887 might be the exception.

I hear it is free and there you can develop an inference system very easily.

It is free for student and personal use. I don’t think it is free for studio use for films.

This guy has the best ever tutorials on it Tutorials — Blender Guru

I’ve done his ‘Donut’ excercises and that gives you the basics. Blender is really good for free form stuff like joetang1505’s counter base.

You summoned me! Yes I’m am still having lots of fun with Blender I am 82 weeks in now! This was my last speed project I have been learning SubD and shrinkwrapping recently. Even the fire is particles (VDB)!


Its free for anybody, including commercially for film, TV and industry, many designers here in Volvo have been moving away from Maya and Alias into Blender these past two years interestingly enough.

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Thank you for the correction. I’ve just checked and seen that they license Blender under the GNU General Puplic license. That is generous. Love your renders.