How to soft family

I would like to know if there is a plugin to get to the following result.


I have a pillow in sketchup

when I click on it it shows a lot of edges

the issue is if there is out there a plugin to get to the exact shape without edges? … like the following image:

so that way I can export it to REVIT and use it as a family but without ten thousand edges

PILLOW.skp (4.7 MB)

because it gets too heavy to work with

thanks in advance…

The shape is defined by the mesh of edges. You might be able to reduce it somewhat using an extension such as skimp, but no, the shape does not exist without its edges.

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thanks @slbaumgartner

when imported into revit is showing very badly

I will be trying that skimp…
to see if keeps the softly shape but without millions of edges
it is way too heavy

The problem with bringing SketchUp face geometry into Revit is that the faces become visible. Revit itself is built upon solid geometry. Building the pillow as a solid shape from NURBS geometry in an application like Rhinoceros might yield better results.

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