How To Slope Off A Radius

Hi All
I started using Sketchup 6 months or so back. I generally use it for DIY projects, and do CAD drawing exercises for practice. This particular drawing has me stumped. I cannot fathom how to replicate the smooth slopes that butt upto the radius. I’ve tried numerous methods, with auto fold and curvi loft, isolating sections of geometry etc but cannot seem to achieve the result pictured in the drawing without geometry becoming funky. Any help and explanation would be much appreciated.


What about creating a “cutting block” and using Solid Tools to cut off the unwanted bit? You might have to group certain elements first so that you only cut relevant parts.

Hi Simon
I did try solid tools, but I still wasn’t able to create a nice continuous slope from tangent to the end point.
It more or less could be the process im not following. So I’ll give it another go.

If you uploaded what you have, someone could show you how it’s done.

That would be fantastic, as i tried messing around with solid tools but couldn’t work it out. Here’s
925.skp (444.5 KB)
the file.

OK. So first I made the bit you wanted to slope off into a block. I had to go into it and close it off so that it made a solid. Then I made a cutting block (basically a cube with sloped base).

Then I used Trim to cut off the unwanted part. I made the slope a bit gentle to see but the dims show that it is now sloped.

So simple! Thanks Simon, I was overthinking it and trying to keep the profile the same, then create a solid and use it as a cutter to subtract. Never thought of doing it this way and using Trim, I will admit I forget there’s other solid tools to use…

Glad to be of service!

I actually made the rest of your model into another group, so I could have used that to cut the sloped bit. Then I could have used Union to join it all back together. But you can do all that if you want, I’m sure.

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I guess Simon is helping you get sorted but I did basically what he suggested. I still need to do the grooves on the inside of the central bore.

Thanks for posting Dave.
Quite annoyed at myself because I normally don’t have trouble with solid tools. I think I over thought it and ended up going down a rabbit hole of solutions when the solution was so simple to begin with.

This lesson has been noted!

Thanks guys

Sometimes it’s good to walk away from it for a bit and go do something else. I’ve been in your shoes but while I’m busy doing something unrelated, I often see the solution in a different light.


Could not agree more! Will be using this advice next time.

Quite a bit of learning is completed in rest and solutions are found.

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