How to set up the coordinate system to HK1980 grid in SketchUp 2024

Since HK1980 grid is not natively supported in SketchUp, so is there any way I can set the coordinate system as HK1980 grid?

You cannot use effectively map coordinate systems in SketchUp. Generally your model geometry gets placed way too far from the model origin which causes the display system to malfunction with clipping and weird display artifacts as the result. It is best just to add the map coordinate placement of your model origin to the documentation.

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The closest datum SketchUp currently supports (natively) is "Hong Kong 1963".

To list supported datums in SketchUp, open the Ruby Console and type:

model = Sketchup.active_model

To see what the current model datum is set to:

#=> "WGS 84"

To set the datum use the Ruby method call: Sketchup::Model.set_datum()

Also reference the API’s Geom::UTM class.

You might open a feature request in the SketchUp API tracker and ask for some newer geodetic survey support for Hong Kong:

You possibly could use the WGS84 and a conversion tool:

Keep in mind what @Anssi said. I think that the difference between the 1978 and 1980 HK datums is 800,000 meters. I am not sure what the difference is from the 1963 datum.