How to set up SketchUp with Office 365 in school

Hi Steve,

Can you please whitelist


You are all set. Just a reminder, your district admin will still need to accept the terms of use and deploy the app to your domain before you will be able to sign in.

Hi Steve,

We can access SketchUp via the web link, but the Microsoft store app always shows the error “There was an issue looking up your account. Tap Next to try again” and doesn’t work for any users, even MS 365 Global administrators. I have deployed the app, re-deployed the app and it is still happening. Tried downloading it straight from the Microsoft store and also tried it from an external PC with no firewall with the same issues. I have also followed all the instructions I can find in the Sketchup Forums with no success. Do you have any other suggestions for getting the app working?


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May I request that our domain be whitelisted?

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Please add our domain to whitelist .
Our domain is**

Thank You very much

Would we also be able to be whitelisted.
Our domain is

We have added the user permissions via azure as a group, also granted admin consent.

The following domains have been added to the SketchUp for Schools whitelist:




If you have any additional issues accessing SketchUp for Schools please try the following troubleshooting tips for Microsoft O365

Make sure you are completely logged out of Microsoft. This isn’t normally necessary but will reduce the numbers of errors that could occur when logging in for the first time. You can use Chrome’s Incognito Mode, Firefox’s Private Browsing, or Edge’s InPrivate mode to guarantee that you aren’t logged in anywhere.

Access the application via 3 and select the “Sign in with Microsoft” option when prompted.

A pop up window should appear. Make sure it isn’t hidden behind the main browser window! If a pop up window does not appear make sure your browser allows pop ups for the domain and reload the webpage.

Next, complete Microsoft’s login workflow using an administrative account for your domain.

Once you select the “Consent on behalf of your organization” and click “Accept” students should be able to login to the application also! If you see a different window it may mean that you are not using an account that has application consent permissions for your organization.