How to set up sketchup Make 2014 into plan view feet and inches

Currently using sketchup make 2013 to import google image into plan view feet and inches template in order to lay out solar panels on roof surfaces of the image. In sketchup make 2014 the plan view feet and inches template isn’t listed. How do get to that template?

Hello Vince,

You can chance your template from the Preferences area. The CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION is a template that uses Feet/In in plan view.

You can also create your own template by setting up a document the way you wish to start and then go to File>Save As Template




You’re a genius Chris - it works. Thanks!

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Regardless of template, you can change the units you use to model at any time from Window menu>Model Info>Units. Choosing a template doesn’t force you to keep using the default units saved in the template.


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Hi Vince

Save your settings as a Template.
Make that template the Default Template and SketchUp will remember all your settings.

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