How to set texture on rectangle?


texture.skp (13.6 KB)

Why when I want to place texture (8x24px) on the rectangle (8x24m) it is not correctly positioned and scaled? Check materials to see the texture. It should be exactly as you see in the material preview.

As you see on the image the texture is incorrectly positioned, totally odd!

I found I need to rotate it by 90° leftwards and change position and scale to fit. Why this is not used normally but rotated? This means when I rotate the image in editor then I edit the material to replace the texture, so when I paint it so it is almost OK.


Hi. First things first - I don’t know if this was intentional but have you noticed that your rectangle is not really a rectangle? I tried to fix it but it was all messy so I went and created a new planar one. That was enough to fix the problem. I applied the texture again and it looks like you wanted.

texture.skp (19.2 KB)


I tried now too. But it is not clear why it happened.

Thank you for pointing me. I wonder how this can happen.


Look how much your lines are inclined from the main axes. They don’t form 90 degrees.

And your rectangle wasn’t sitting on the ground as well.

Deleting it and drawing again from scratch is the best idea. You can make sure to look at the whole thing from above when you draw (use the Rectangle Tool) to have a better view.


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