How to set drawing color in advance?


I like to draw on a light gray background, which I know how to get in styles, but I’d like to be able to set the object color before I draw it. I can change it after it’s drawn with paintbucket, but how to do it quickly before?

Thanks in advance,



You can change the front color (and/or the back color) for not painted faces in the face settings tab (styles window).


Hi Bob,

Click … Window > Styles to open the Styles Browser
There, click the Create New Style button and proceed to set things to your liking.
Notice in the Styles Face Panel you can set the default face materials to any colors (front & back) you wish.
Give your new style a name and click on the style thumbnail to save your changes.

Click … Window > Model Info to open the Model Info Dialog
There, you can to configure a number of different settings like units and text style specific to your needs.
When all is set the way you like; click File > Save as Template and tick the option Set as Default Template
Now when you open SU your settings load automatically.



Sorry for the delay in responding.I do not find a ‘Create New Style’ button under Windows>Styles.Perhaps we have a different version?


In the Styles menu, it is the second button down in tthe upper rightt with a “plus” sign next to it.


Exactly as Paul described…