How to set dimention format (ie1.125 instead of 1 1/8 ) in 2015Pro Model View

I do not have “Document SetUp” option under File Menu in Modler …How do I set various options like dimention formats and font sizes or types. Document Setup is in the File menu for layout but not Modler … I care about how fractions and other attributes are shown in Modler.

I don’t think this was a problem before I switched to SU2015 Pro from SU2014Pro …I am running in Windows 8.1 64Bit

I believe what you want is all on one or another panel of the Model Info window (open from the Window menu in SketchUp)

It has always been called ‘Model Info’.
Its tabs have clear names like ‘Units’, ‘Dimensions’, ‘Text’ etc…
It ‘Statistics’ tab is useful for fixing issues and also purging unwanted things from the model…

You should save your preferred dimension format and other setting as part of a Template.
Make that your Default Template and that’s the way SketchUp will always appear when it opens.
See these SketchUp Help articles…

• What are templates and how do I change the default template?

• Selecting a Template

• Creating a Template

• Automatically loading a template

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