How to set default layer

They changed the layer window around from earlier versions just to confuse us. BUT the little eye and pencil are more self-explanatory and similar to some other programs.

NT2, there is a plugin (Layer Manager 3.0.0 by Joe Zeh if I remember correctly) that warns you if you inadvertently change the default layer FROM layer 0 (and a very neat hidden layer creation feature + more). It will still let you change it, however, you are warned and should change it back immediately… or suffer your fate!

I’ve got the same problem. Can someone explain how to shift the pencil icon showing the current layer to a different one. I’ve read the thread, and I understand you have to first select the layer that is current and then the new one, but this does nothing, and clicking in the last column just brings up a list of linetypes.

Drag the panel a little wider, it’s on the right of the dashes column.
It is best practice not to ‘work in a tag’ or something and leave the active tag ‘untagged’ (or layer ‘Layer0) less things to worrie about.

Thanks Mike. There does seem to be something buggy in the software though because after dragging the panel wider I was able to change it fine, but then reducing it back to narrow it continued to work fine. It’s like the field in the background is not launching.
Clear on the best practice comment. I’m a 30 year Autocad user and a bit stuck in those habits!

The tricky is that if you have been manually made e.g. the name field wider, the last column will be out of window. Please note the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screenshot too!
You can use the horizontal scroll bar to see the last column… or as mentioned: Resizing the tray will “force all column width” to fit.

BTW: There is a standard toolbar to set the default layer as well: (Menu: View>>Toolbar… Tag (or Layer) )

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I would urge you to change your habits and get into the idea of leaving Layer 0/Untagged active at all times. It’s actually an easier work flow and you’re less likely to induce problems in your models.

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