How to replace guide points with components?

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Is there an extension or script that would allow me to replace (selected) guide points with components?

I have a site survey with guide points representing the the point cloud from which the terrain contours were generated. I would like to replace them all with a mark component so that I can add height data directly to the points.

I tried searching both forums but didn’t turn up any results, so I suspect there isn’t (yet) a plugin or script that does this. If anyone knows of one, or another way to accomplish this (other than manually) it would be a big help.



(I’m also posting this at the other forum, but I’ll check back on both for replies)

one would be

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Perfect, thanks — exactly what I was looking for:

I guess it didn’t show up on my searches because TT uses cpoint / construction point and I searched on guide point.

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Thanks for the quick reply Dave.

I know that approach would work, but Cotty ID’d the extension I was looking for… and I’ve already had it installed for years!

Problem is there a so many extensions with so many features and functions that it’s impossible to maintain that catalogue in your mind — especially for plugins you don’t use all the time…

Which makes me think that an index (database) of function by extension would be incredibly valuable: maybe the SU team could create it and populate the categories and most common functions, then have developers fill-in their entries when they upload/update their stuff of the EW.

I would also allow you to quickly ID overlapping functionality of installed plugins and do comparisons by function.