How to replace a multiple sibling components at the same time

Hi, does anyone know how to replace multiple instances of sibling component at the same time (within a dynamic component)?

I have created a dynamic component which is a simple cabinet with a framed door (the door component is a direct sibling component and takes it’s dimension attributes from the parent component). I have created a different style door, which also takes its values from whichever parent component it’s inside of and I can use the ‘Reload’ tool to swap the doors - it works fine and resizes accordingly when reloading in just a single parent component.

But when I make copies of the same main cabinet component they become ‘instances’ (if I understand correctly) so when I reload the door in the main component, the copies don’t update, like they would have if it was a normal ‘non-dynamic’ component.

Does anyone know how I can make this work?

Right click and “make unique”?

Thanks, but I actually need to do the opposite - make it ‘un-unique’ sort of. When I create the copy it makes it unique automatically (unlike with a regular non-dynamic component).

Enitity Info allows you to change a name of a component. You can change the (#1) by erasing it in the entity info.

Thanks, I just tried that, but it doesn’t allow me - I get a pop up message which says ‘Component definition must be unique’

Insert your dynamic component into a normal one and copy the result. It could work.

Thanks, but that doesn’t work either

Maybe @pcmoor can help you.

Any component that has a DC child will become unique on change, so reload can only work on door#1, not any others, door#2, door#3…

you can use a replacer on multiples if in same group or component

So one to one, otherwise ruby to run through a collection then replace like

Thanks for that, do you know where I can find an example of the Ruby code to do that?