How to remove the drawing under ground?


am new to this, but I have managed to draw in terrain in my model. But how do I erase all that is “under the ground”?

Need to draw lines across that which is not wanted, select all unwanted faces, group them and delete.

Or, you can intersect the terrain with the model and then select all unwanted faces, group them, and delete. Be sure to make a save before doing a large task as this.

Would you mind sharing your file, so we can give advice

hus og terreng_med (3.0 MB)

Here is the file - zippet:)

You’ll probably find it easiest to switch the camera to Parallel Projection and then go to a standard elevation view. Select all of the building geometry (I triple clicked with the Select tool), right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Model. After the intersection is created, drag a right to left selection box around the stuff you want to get erase and hit Delete.

You might find it a good idea to lock the terrain so you don’t delete it by mistake.

Are you aware there are two terrain images? There’s the flat one and one that shows the slope. Choose the one you want to trim against.

There are other issues with your model such as reversed faces (the blue ones) which should be corrected and a lot of other unneeded geometry. The trimming operation is easier because you didn’t make groups or components but that means everything you drew is stuck together. That’s probably not the best practice.

Edit: After looking at the site a little closer, I see that the buildings are all attached so then drawing them as one mass isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, you could use Follow Me to do a fair amount of the drawing.

a bit messy from some previous moves, or drape however you could fix

View - turn off shadows
File - Geo location - show terrain
extend any building to suit

unlock the terrain, select and intersect with model as per Robs advice @Lopaka

a method of selection is to use camera - parallel projection, side view. to delete large areas

Dave beat me to it:grinning:

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to show me how this can be done. I could never have got around to figure this out myselves.
I will get on with it - looking forward to try it out!

Thanks again - I appreciate it :grinning:

Lykke til. Ha det bra.

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hello again:)

I tried to do the Follow me tool, because I have been struggeling with that corner (you so easily did), but i cant seem to manage it. I have to draw this building with an extra 160 cm hight on my roof (my part of the house) to apply to to build it. Also I need to show the sun conditions (I have managed to figure out this is done). But I am running out of time. Do you happen to know if there is a place were I can ask someone to draw this for me - for money?

I sent you a private message.

I am still working on my drawing - and now I need to move a litte piece of a component - and I can`t seem to get it loose . A bit desperat - presenting this for the board tomorrow…and I need it to my right. Anyone who can help me on the way?
I am attching a print screen

. It is the small house that need to be moved to the left just a little bit. How can I do this when it is attached the house nextdoor?

Send it to me by e-mail and I’ll see if I can help you.

Basically make the bits you want into a group so that they don;t attach to the other bits and then move them…

  • Draw a selection box around the area you want to move
  • Group the selection (I’ll call this Group#1)
  • Edit the group
  • Select a face/line you don’t want to be moved
  • Group this again (This is Group#2 inside Group#1)
  • Select and cut Group#2
  • Exit Group#1
  • Edit / Paste in place
  • Ungroup Group#2
  • Edit Group#1 again until you only have the bits you want in it.
  • Select Group#1 and move it.