How to remove knobs from a base?


Hey guys,

I’m a complete beginner to Sketchup. I would like to remove the knob from the base of this case, so I can have a flat base

I’ve selected it, but if I delete it, I get this:

Is this correct? I’m not sure why the space where the knob used to be is light blue instead of white, like the rest of the base.

I tried removing all four knobs on the base this way and this is the result:

Now I can’t select anything in the grey area, so I guess there is no face there anymore :frowning: How do I remove the four knobs without removing/changing the entire base face?


The blue you see after deleting the selected geometry is most likely a hole. If it is, you should be able to heal over the hole by tracing an edges segment with the Line tool.

From what little we can see of your model, it’s clear it needs a great deal of cleanup, too. It might be easier to redraw the box from scratch rather than trying to fix up that model.


Thanks. I’ve followed your advice. Now I have the following, does it look OK?

I got this sketchup from a Thingiverse listing:

It looked quite similar to what I need, I just needed a few modifications. Can you elaborate on why I should start anew?


I am confused about why this model has so many random edges everywhere. I’ve started deleting the ones that seem to be doing nothing. Is that OK? Am I missing something?


If I needed a box similar to that, I would just draw it from scratch as opposed to spending the time to clean up the file and then modifying it to make it work.

Those “random edges” are due to triangulation that occurred when the file was original made and exported. If you can erase edges without creating holes, that’s a good thing and you aren’t missing anything.


There are several ways you can end up with a lot of triangles on faces in your model. One is if the model was ever converted to or from a file type that supports only triangles, such as stl. Another is if the editing of the model inadvertently warped some faces off planar, requiring them to be triangulated. And, sometimes SU fails to clean up temporary “folds” when you complete an operation and it turns out the face remained planar. Intersections of curved shapes with planar ones are especially susceptible to this. As @DaveR said, if you can delete the triangle edges without losing faces, it is safe to do so. There are cleanup extensions that will merge coplanar faces, which may also fix the problem. But sometimes there is such a mess that starting over is faster than trying to repair the damage.


Thanks for the replies, I think I understand now! I did manage to clean things up a bit.


I would recommend give CleanUp3 a shot…


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