How to remove hidden geometry

I am using Sketchup Make 17.3.116 on a Mac.

workbench Feb 8 3pm with hidden.skp (167.1 KB)

After working on a layer with all other layers turned off I turned the other layers back on and found my model was filled with dashed lines showing hidden geometry. View, hidden geometry was not checked. I tried toggline that with everything selected, to no avail. I have attached my file.

How do I get rid of the hidden geometry (and why did it happen)?

Try tapping “k” you may have turned on back edges.


As Shep indicates, tapping K will turn on and off Back Edges.

In your model you have been using layers/tags incorrectly. ALL edges and faces should be untagged. Only objects (groups and components) should be given tags. Here I’ve fixed the incorrect tag association.

Screenshot - 2_8_2021 , 8_47_25 PM

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Shep, that was it! I didn’t knew about back edges, but I’m a beginner. It’s nice to be able to solve the problem with a single keystroke.

Dave R, thank you for that information.

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Are you really working in metric units? Or fractional inches? the model’s units are Architectural which is the closest to Fractional that you can get in the web versions of SketchUp. But with Precision set to 1/64th inch you can see the dimensions are kind of odd.

Dave R, I’m using metric with 1.0 mm precision (but I expect you saw that). Readers: it’s a woodworking project. Should I change one of the model settings?

When I opened the model it showed the units as Architectural.

If you didn’t already change it, you could do that now so the dimensions show correctly. Are the back legs supposed to be thicker than the front?

Dave R. That’s odd. When I look at Model info I have Decimal, mm, precision 0.0mm. (I incorrectly said 1.0 before.) I haven’t changed that since uploading the model to the forum. The front and back legs are the same size: 70mm x 54mm (3x18mm = 54mm). Did you open the model with my version of Make, or is that revelant?

Maybe you changed the units. I did here. Note the back legs are 4 pieces thick. But the back apron is 2 pieces thick while the front one is 3 pieces thick.

My apologies. I posted a model that was a variation of mine that my son did. I will correct my post.

Ah… that changes things.

Dave R. I corrected my original post. Can you tell me how I can display the drawing in my post? All I see is a clickable file name.

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Make a screen shot or export an image of it. Then upload that image.

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