How to re-create the "joining face" of a pull?

As in this screenshot, I accidentally deleted the “joining face” of a pull operation, and want to restore it. As you can see on the right side of the object, the join is a “single face” all along the curved edge of the extrusion (seen on the right side of the object).

When I try to join the two faces again (left side of the object), I can draw lines along each segment, but then it creates multiple faces, not a single face. How can I restore that face properly - i.e. make the left side look like the right side?

You can

  • use push pull (with strg) again to recreate the faces
  • use the eraser with the strg key to “remove” the visible lines in the right image
  • use a plugin like CurviLoft (Fredo6) to create the faces again

Every plane or flat surface is bounded by lines naturally in sketchup. If they could not be seen on your origional they were either hidden or smoothed. As @Cotty said the eraser tool with the shift key pressed hides things (you can also select and right click>hide. Or select all the faces and explore the soften/smooth settings in their window.

I don’t know if this is what you’re asking or not, but you can soften those edges all at once by selecting them, clicking “soften/smooth edges” from the right-click menu, and dragging the slider.

ooohhh :slight_smile: I didn’t realise that the appearance of a “single face” was actually a smoothed set of multiple faces. So after they’re smoothed, they can be selected as a single face. facepalm Thanks for that.

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Thanks heaps, I hadn’t quite realised that before now. I assumed it was some kind of complex-single-face magic that Sketchup did, but in reality the separate faces are still there!

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You’re welcome!

Exactly. You cans always View>hidden geometry to see and interact with all the invisible lines if you have a doubt.

A clarification on terminology, which may help you in the future understand what’s what: SketchUp uses the term face for a single coplanar entity. SketchUp uses the term surface for a set of two or more faces that are connected via shared edges, and are generally non-coplanar. The periphery of a circle that has been pulled into a cylinder is a surface, whereas the individual facets comprising that surface (revealed via showing Hidden Geometry) are faces. SketchUp’s Entity Info widow will use these terms when you select a given object.

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