How to put an 'inside' corner?


How to put an ‘inside’ corner?


Another amazingly vague question.

Put an inside corner where?


Pointless and time wasting nonsense.
Make an effort to explain what you want that justifies the effort we all put into answering your vague and cryptic gibberings.


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[how create image?]


You’re not making any sense whatsoever. I guess you really don’t want help, do you?


And you’ve been shown how, many times and you have proved that you can be quite eloquent when you can be bothered.
So sick of your pseudo enigmatic nonsense.
Give the people here the respect they deserve and ask your questions properly.


Hi Gripwin, hi folks.

The seventh icon on top of the window that you use to compose a post, that looks like a small indented horizontal rectangle with and upward pointing arrow, can be used to upload a file. Try using it to upload a picture of what you want to do or even a SketchUp model with some text explaining your problem.

If you have difficulties with English, use whatever language suits you. I understand French (my native language), English, some Spanish and a little Italian. Using Google translate may help to understand simple sentences and many other users here speaks a lot of different languages.




@jean_lemire_1 this is not a language issue, we have been through this too many times.
If it comes to that I speak 7, can manage in several more and often translate gibberish.
But I’ll no longer stand for, until such time as an explanation is forthcoming, some form of lazy gobbledespeak that is simply disrespectful to all the people here who go out of their way to solve problems.


Hi Box, hi folks.

Me too I though that this could be a Troll but after seing [how create image?] in gripwin message I though that there could be some language problem.

Wait and see.




I find Boswell’s questions quite sincere, but he always insists on using a language of his own. I cannot understand anything about this latest one…



Your complaints stated, with respect
are valid.
How can I improve? No malicious intent intended.
[I feel the directions, on including a file, are a helpful step, looks more like 3 leaks-chain].
[I was ‘ripped’ away from comp…]


Please make complete sentences. Tell and show what you are attempting to do. In a few of your previous threads it is clear you can actually put readable sentences together and make clear questions.

Looking back through your previous posts it’s evident you’ve attached files before. Do you still need instruction on how to do that?

Jean gave those instructions again in his first post in this thread.

If you were paying for our time to help you, it would be one thing. But we are doing this voluntarily. un-decipherable questions just waste time don’t do anyone, including you, any good.


I trust the ‘file’ will clear some


It doesn’t when there is not a file !
What are you doing ??


What I would like to do: reduce 2 perpendicular lines to a 1/8" rad [1/4 pie-slice] corner.

eM_corner.skp (69.8 KB)


There are filleting plugins to do this for a general pair of intersecting edges…
However, in your case the much simpler way - since the two edges are axial, intersect and are perpendicular - and also there are several ways - like drawing a tangential arc = is offset one or two Guide Lines 1/8" from the two edges.
This will determine a center point.
Then you can draw a Circle from that center [choosing the circle’s segmentation to a logical even number], snapping square onto either of the edges, and then erase the unwanted geometry…
Or use the Arc tool to make a tangential Arc,
Leave the Arc and the ‘trimmed’ two edges as desired.


In case someone else comes along searching for the same thing:

How do you draw a radius at the intersection of two lines?

And an alternative method using the 2-Point Arc tool and one guideline. Double click to set the radius when it is magenta and automatically trim the corner…


BINGO! … I’ll be back, if problems.


Language issues my hindquarters, there’s nothing wrong with his language skills.