How to program my first real 3D game

I just want to program my first real 3D game, I’ve already programmed simple 2D games, but never with OpenGL, etc.

So first I tried to get into LWJGL, now I understand the basic ideas behind it, but that was too low a programming level, so I want to use the JMonkey engine now.

Now I have a first question:
I want to write my paper about how to make a flat ground on which something can drive, so now I want a flat rectangle on the ground with a picture as texture.

For that I have to use the class “Quad”. However, you can specify as the initialization only height and width, but I would eigendlich the corner bottom left and the corner top right define. How do I set this now?

This website and it’s forums are for discussion specific to SketchUp modeling and extension development.

You would be much better off posting your questions to general programming discussion websites.

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