How to print as large as possible on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper

I’m trying to print this larger on a single sheet of paper.


I’m on my phone and don’t see what you are trying to print. Did the pdf I made work?

Yes it did, but now I’m trying to print a large picture of the 3d layout. I added the other items and want to go to the acrylic place to see if they think I can drill those without chipping.

I forgot to attach the file.

plastic pen holder2aaaB.skp (1.5 MB)


I just export to jpg and opened in photoshop

I can’t look at the SKP right now but start by using Zoom Extents. You might find that exporting an image gives you better options and quality.

I’m manipulating in PS CS6. It doesn’t have to be to scale.

Not sure what the problem is, though.

Once I exported to a jpg I didn’t have a problem. At first I didn’t think about export to jpg

I see.

Now the wife wants me to design a cover for our mantel. We have a gas fireplace with some tile around it. Then plaster board painted and textured with a 55" TV above that. She wants to dress up the mantel which means it will be encased in wood. I will post a picture later.

Very good.

Here is a picture of the mantel. The black area behind the candles is where my center speaker is located. The black behind the candle is expanded metal that I cut to fit the opening and painted black. The speaker stand I made out of PVC. Each stand has a threaded rod from bottom to top to screw on the bottom and top wood platforms. There is a 6" solid metal cylinder for weight balance about 4 lbs each with a center hole drilled from one end to the other so they can slip onto the threaded rod. Speaker wire is inside the pvc tubing.

I’m going to encase the mantle is wood. Just not sure of how many levels of depth/offsets I’m going to do. Wood will be on the flat base above the fireplace where the center speaker sits. Then there will be horizontal wood above the fireplace and vertical on each side of the fireplace.

FYI ; the holder plate shows no thickness and 1 of the supports intersects with edge of plate