How to prepare Multi Object to displace the project


Hello. Help me. I would like to know how I can make my project to have some displaced fragments/objects and work together in the end has an obj so that I can use it on video copilot to make this
So, in my first experience in order to add it into video copilot’s plugin called element 3d, I exported my project
with the export type/format COLLADA file (.dae) and after that I go to this site
and I convert it into an obj and add it in C:\User\Libraties\Documents\VideoCopilot\Models.
Help me how to get that scatter effects thingy to work. Thanks :smiley:


Looking at this page:

it seems the important thing to do is to give each object its own material. If you do that Element 3D should be able to access each part.


But how can I separate the objects in sketch up then?


What exactly are you trying to do?