How to place a component precisely

Please have a look at my Quick Time video. This problem has frustrated me for 10 years!

Check that your Model Info > Units does not have any snapping set.
Otherwise things might ‘jump’ ?

Also, if the point[s] you want to use for the snap is[/are] ‘behind’ the component-instance’s geometry which you are placing, then consider using Xray mode, and then use Move and re-pick the insertion-point and snap-point using that mode…

and assign a shortcut to be able to switch quickly…

Thank you, I will try that tomorrow.

Also, one can use axial constraint (arrows) and do it in two steps; ex.: first in red then in green (or blue).

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Something else to be aware of is that by changing the component axis you change the insertion point.


Very instructive, I’m trying this too. Secondly, what video program do you use?

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