How to open models from Google Drive

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Sorry that I haven’t been following this discussion, I may repeat something that has already been suggested.

It does seem to be the case that trying Open In from Google Drive doesn’t list SketchUp, but, if you instead get the link to the file you can paste that in Safari, then the download button gets the file and gives you the option to Open in Files (just on iOS 11) and a More… link. “Copy to SketchUp” is an option in the More list. You may need to try the same steps to see what happens in iOS 10.

So, it seems that SketchUp Viewer is registered ok to handle SKP files, and after a Safari downloads the file you are able to send the file to SketchUp, but Google Drive app doesn’t let you do it directly.

It’s a shame that Trimble show favoritism to Dropbox and don’t integrate Google Drive too, but at least it’s worth trying to figure out why Google Drive app isn’t able to show all the apps that can handle SKP files. I will look around the Google Drive forum to see if there are any clues on that.

BTW, any of the articles talking about having to delete apps from the Open In list are quite old articles. Since iOS 10 or maybe even 9 the way the apps are listed is different, and you can easily add your favorite apps to the list.

I found this discussion:!topic/drive/t2ImoADPAtM;context-place=topicsearchin/drive/ipad$20open$20in

It’s nothing to do with SketchUp, but it is the same basic symptoms. That is, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other sharing systems show the correct applications for Open In, but Google Drive doesn’t. I’ve posted a message to Google to ask if anything has changed in the last two years.

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That is not very helpful, for a “Sage”. If we see “Google Drive” in the web-marketing, then it is extremely disappointing to spend time looking at what we’re doing wrong, looking at work-arounds, asking on forums and waiting for responses, etc. I work intensively with Skp, and I am working mostly in G Drive. I prefer to keep all applications working with one cloud base wherever possible. So it is very interesting to me if Skp works as directly with G Drive as it does with DropBox. Quite obviously it doesn’t, but I’d expect a “Sage” to say something like “its something we’re working on; we’ve reported it to Google, and its currently out of or hands. I’ll notify our web-marketing to alter their misleading claim and ask them to modify”.

even Sages might not always be able to move heaven and hell to solve all technical issues with just one wipe * huh *

I don’t see it at the SketchUp webpages… besides for the SU Viewer which is obviously read only.

Sages are (typically) not (necessarily) employees of Trimble and therefore are regularly not involved in internal development issues… even expected this by you.


Likewise - your comment doesn’t add or help. All we - myself and the other posters - are asking is “if they claim it works with Google Drive, how do I get it to work, or why doesn’t it ?”.

And your attempts at casual colloquialisms in English just look weird.

they don’t claim that it works with SU Pro/Make but the Viewer (and only… and your ranting doesn’t add or help either.

yep, I’m not a native speaker sothat my English skills may not comply with your requirements… complaining this fits to your general attitude.

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You’re the one with the quesionable attitude - " wipe - huh ".

I generally have a lot of respect for others who are not communicating in their native language, but not those who are trying to be smart, and it coming over as rude.

If you have nothing helpful to say with regards to the subject in hand, just keep quiet.

surely not.

I don’t wrote anything rude but you blamed @Aerilius not being at your service as a volunteer trying to help people in his spare time… which is not appropriate.

same for you.

You do not understand that the “SketchUp Sage” designation is a mildly privileged member status awarded on this forum to people who have provided help and insight over an extended period of time. Sages are not Trimble employees, do not speak for Trimble, and have no special connections by which to influence Trimble’s decisions. Your expectations of us are based on ignorance, and your aggressive tone in pressing them is, frankly, offensive.

Can we calm down? This “meta” discussion doesn’t add much and it doesn’t help either to blame each other’s tone.

The situation is of course very unsatisfactory and that is clear to everyone. Too bad that this relies so much on functioning Google APIs (instead of being able to choose any program to “open with” like on the desktop).

Regarding the related comment, everything has been said already:

  1. I’m not an employee thus not able/responsible to work on the issue, 2) an employee has responded and said they are working on the issue and 3) I reported to the SketchUp team to remove mentioning of features if they are effectively not working for a long time (no matter whose fault).