How to move DYC by move tool and atribute?

I’m having trouble defining multiple possibilities to move a component. I need it to meet the possibility of being positioned with the moving tool and also with the definition of an attribute. I will leave the file I am working on to illustrate what is happening.
EletricUE-Forum.skp (132.6 KB)

you can place options in drop down for Z , with formula in value section

500mm …value =50
1m …value =100
1.5m …value =150
1.8m …value =180
custom …value =custom (where custom is attribute with editable text box)
current …value =current(“z”)*2.54

current returns inches, so 2.54 to convert
this method saves writing the ifs and choices codes



EletricUE-Forum.skp (133.2 KB)


Thank you very much @pcmoor it was very good, I will try to apply this to define the height of the socket using the MOVE tool instead of the floor level.


I included a nearest formula as well.

the glue axis is incorrect, so amended. should be x/y with Z pointing in or away from the plane

EletricUE-Forum.skp (131.5 KB)

I found the use of NEAREST() very interesting and added it.

I had worked on modifications and included an alert to update the component with the interaction tool, in addition to placing the floor height information in the Description attribute to have cleaner component options.

EletricUE-Forum.skp (160.6 KB)

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