How to model Tri- Boomerang?



Hello can any one help me with the 3d model of tri-boomerang ? whats the appropriate way of creating this model !


I would draw one arm of it using Bezier curves and most likely Curviloft to create the surfaces. Can you get a nice square-on photograph of the thing? If you could, you would be able to import the image and trace it.


Hello. If your final objective is to have the model and not the actual process of 3D modelling, I’d suggest visiting the 3D Warehouse. There are lots of them there - Boomerangs on 3D Warehouse.


NO i need to know how to actually draw them i don’t need the final model !


this is best i see on the internet, by the way how to you trace just import the image and use freehand drawing tool across its edges ? can you please send me the skp file of one arm of it ? Thanks in advance


secondly how would you make the edges of the tri-boomerang if you see in the pic the slop is changing


this is link where the stl file is available may be you can have a good view here …


One quick tracing example, smoothed with SubD…


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