How to Model Objects That Change Length Based on Adjacent Geometry?

I’m currently working on modeling crossbeams within a bridge deck. These crossbeams need to span between two longitudinal beams that curve both inward and upward.
Since my model is still in the early stages, I anticipate changes in the spacing of the crossbeams and possibly even in the longitudinal beams.
To avoid manually redesigning everything, I’m wondering if there’s a modeling method that allows these crossbeams to adjust their length automatically when the distance between the attached beams changes. The same should apply if I modify the center spacing of the crossbeams.

Can this be achieved using “Trimble Create” or “Dynamic Components”? Or is there another plugin or tool that would be better suited for this purpose?

You should take a look to Profile Builder, you can make an assembly with spans inside.

Thanks for getting back to me!

I am using PFB 4, and haven`t been able to achieve this yet, but it could certainly be that I am not proficient enough the extension…

You can watch this

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