How to migrate the SketchUpReader to the new API



I’m using the SketchUpReader in my application to read the skp file. But as you know, the SketchUpReader is the deprecated version of in 2015.
So I need to port the current implementation what is using the deprecated version of SketchUp Reader to the new API as soon as possible.
Do you have any guide-line how to port them to new API easily?
Would you please give some procedure how to migrate the deprecated SketchUpReader to new API?



Hi Roy, we do not have any migration workflow doc outlined at this point. Have you looked into the API documentation for the new API? Do you have any specific questions or problems you are running into?

Chris Fullmer


Hi Chris,

I thought there are some people that is using the SketchUpReader that is the deprecated version in 2015. (like me.)
They may need to migrate the deprecated version to new API.
So I thought there are some way to migrate our application from deprecated version to new one easily and the SketchUp team may provide this way.

Then do you have any recommendation about my situation?

Roy Park


Hi Roy
Yes people have been migrating from the old SDK to the new successfully.
What in particular are you looking for?

There isn’t really any way to automate this other than refactoring each of your old SDK functions to the new C API.
Are you thinking of things like compatibility wrappers etc? If so, we don’t have that either.

I’m not really sure what to suggest here - because I’m not clear on exactly you are looking for…