How to make window view in rendering?

How make this? To make this realistic?
Please tell me step by step what I shuld to do.

In order to get “step by step” instruction, you must make a clear and specific request. From your post, I have no clue as to what you are looking for.

it is always helpful to include the skp file you seek assistance with or if that is not feasible, include a screenshot at least. This makes it easier for other users to respond.

To upload your file, click on the up arrow with the bar below it (7th icon from the left in the taskbar at the top of the reply box), then locate your file and dbl click on it.

yes U have right…
Give me several minutes and I will sens my last render

I have a mean this view…
It looks like tragic!
I put view on SK- just picture and I lput this front of the window.
And my scene is so dark…

Your picture is blocking the lights coming into the scene…

I would soften the image by using a somewhat less dark wood finish (maybe similar to oak or pine) and introduce hints of color by giving the walls a hue other than stark white, possibly placing interior vegetation at selected locations. You may want to consider provision of a ceiling light fixture to supplement the strip light that is shown. I also see that even though the space purports to function as a residential kitchen, there is little attention paid to appliances or fixtures that would normally be expected to appear in such a space (refrigerator, range, dishwasher and food prep sink. Although the items on the left may conceal an oven or an in-counter cooktop, there is an obvious lack of necessary counter space. IMO, this would be a difficult space in which to prepare meals. Mies Van derRohe is attributed as the author of the well worn design axiom referencing form following function and that may be applicable here.

This is what I made.
I think it looks like ok now?