How to make whole model?

피카츄_전체.skp (1.1 MB)

I tried to make a whole pikachu, but there is lack of territory.
I want to make whole pikachu model, but It doens’t work!
please help me.
Why it is not work?

(I’m sorry but I can’t express what I want to say exactly because of my lacking in English)

You can try to insert some more lines to create more smaller faces and delete the new lines afterwards.

pikachu_b.skp (56.6 KB)

Part of the problem is you’re not approaching this as a model, but as a 2D graphic. All the drawn 2D details that do not enclose an area, like the mouth, arms, jaw line, and feet are preventing a face from forming. In order to form a face, a bounded area must be free from impinging or protruding edges. The features I mentioned are exactly that: impinging edges.

I suggest that you rethink your pikachu as a 3D object in space rather than a 2D drawing on paper. Start with a solid base and gradually build up features in 3D by additive and subtractive operations. You can probably get away with the appearance of no shoulders in the creature by softening the edges that form the shoulders, but the arms should be contoured objects on top of the body, not just outlines within the outline of the body.


Wow! Amazing! I really appriciate for you help! :wink:

I will try to make 3D model later, thank you for your advice :wink: