How to make this in SketchUp

Can anyone please help me and tell how can I make this in SketchUp and what tools/ plugins are required

Make what? Need more information. “this” doesn’t tell us enough.

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“This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl…”


Bravo! with the quick answer!

You guys are making fun of someone who is struggling to make “this”. Is it about failing to upload an image or not being to in his/her first post.


Hey, rohit is getting off pretty lightly. My very first post in the forum was reported and deleted…

More sympathetically I hope: try again to upload an image, or a written description of what “this” is.

Making fun is cool and none of the jokes here are offensive but rather spirited. Just remember that the first time we post, we can’t post images.


I accelerated his forum status progress, to make sure he should be able to attach an image on his second post.


So let’s wait for the image :slight_smile:
@rohit , welcome here, by the way, don’t forget go there to say hi and give some infos about you

plus, this first message gives some ground rules, always useful :wink:

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Good one.

My appologies if my joke was offensive, so i deleted it, just for you :slight_smile:

It was a great joke and a perfect reply. I would have laughed if I was the poster. Please bring it back

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No offense taken and no need to delete any posts. Just hoping that the OP will be back with an image or something more to go by.

Update for anyone following this thread. The OP has not visited the forum since the initial post…

Waiting with bated breath!

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It? Are you talking about Pennywise? :joy:

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Finally we might know what is this!

I know I would not return when everyone’s dissing this….